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The cultural and structural change process at the production location was guided responsibly by Dr Honecker. On the basis of her extraordinary expertise and her wealth of experience in these areas, she carried out excellent work and was one of the important factors for the success of the complex transformation. Dr Honecker contributed decisively to the establishing of a new management culture. The success of this process of change is to a great extent thanks to her, for which I am very grateful.

Managing director of a pharmaceutical company

One of the core tasks of the management team at the production location was the development of young management candidates as a central prerequisite for the future capacity of the local operations to perform and survive. This task was dealt with ideally under the excellent leadership of Dr Honecker with the introduction of an integrated colleague development and succession plan process for the location. With the quality and the recognisable success, Dr Honecker set a gold standard for the global production organisation in terms of management development. The successful implementation of various and to some extent challenging change processes, including in the local financial organisation, was only made possible by her leadership role and extensive experience. I will always positively remember this approach to management development as exemplary.

Financial director of a production company

Dr Nele Honecker is for me the epitome of professionalism and discretion. She approaches her counterparts with an unbelievable amount of sensitivity. Within the shortest possible period of time, she was able to win my trust and help me to an incredible extent to once again get my career on the right track, while at the same time help me progress at a personal level. I can only wholeheartedly recommend her career coaching!

Former management assistant and HR manager of a small and medium-sized company

Dr Honecker is able to wonderfully combine professionalism, cooperation in a spirit of trust and fun. In this way one achieves very good results together. The cooperation is characterised by a high level of professionalism and empathy. Dr Honecker adjusted very well to our requirements. She was able to provide valuable impulses as a sparring partner for our recruiting process. We will surely work together with her again in future!

HR manager of a pharmaceutical company

Dr Nele Honecker helped me a great deal in a difficult phase of career reorientation. As an experienced manager with a highly pronounced capacity for (self-) reflection, she supported me in the broadening out of my potential and accompanied me successfully in the search for the career path that is right for me. She was fabulously successful in interacting with me in an empathetic and appreciative, but also challenging and facilitative manner. She possesses analytical expertise and a pragmatic, solution-based orientation, and, with her clear, vivid and clever language, is able to convey even highly complex themes in a way that inspires enthusiasm. However, what distinguishes Dr Nele Honecker more than all of these competencies is her natural humanity and her lived, value-oriented and principled authenticity. I will continue to consult with Dr Honecker and can unreservedly recommend her as a mentor and coach!

Self-employed entrepreneur

Former directing manager of a major pharmaceutical firm

In the prosperous times of a company, much seems to run almost automatically, or the cracks are papered over with money. However, in difficult times at the latest, companies must reposition themselves, restructure or reduce costs, and at the same time carry the staff and all members of management with them. In such times one can consider oneself fortunate as a managing director to have the support of the very experienced and professional Dr Honecker: Dr Honecker was able to inoculate the managers and supervisors with important impulses and aids for leading and pulling the staff along with them. Her outstanding expertise with processes of change and the related personal and organisational questions were very helpful and valuable for achieving the goal of a restructuring of HR and planning processes in the organisation across locations. Dr Honecker contributed decisively to the realisation of a reduction of costs of 30 % at several locations within a period of three years.

Former managing director of a major pharmaceutical company


  • Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Heilbronn
  • Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Stuttgart
  • Neu-Ulm, University of Applied Sciences
  • Ulm University
  • ABB Group
  • Federal Employment Agency – International Personnel Service
  • Nokia
  • Roechling Group
  • Teva ratiopharm Group
  • Voith Group


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